Friday, August 14, 2009


Bright Flash! Did someone just take my picture!?!

No pictures right now, I am relaxing.

I cannot believe our baby will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! Where has the time gone? I look back at the pictures from the hospital and I can't believe the differences I see in. She looks more like her daddy everyday.

I am working out my legs!

She loves:

  • Tummy time on her playmat. She will lift her little head and turn from side to side. She loves it so much she even falls alseep there!

  • She is able to focus on you and follow you across the room. She will even turn her head from side to side to keep you in sight.

  • Her cradle swing. She stares at the lights from the mobile and listening to the nursery music.

  • All the attention she gets from her daddy, grandma, great-grandpa, aunt and uncles.

What she does not love so much:

  • Being changed. She screams whenever we try to change her outfits, every.single.time. The only way she is calm is when she is being changed while being carried.

  • Being picked up from her changing table. She can be the sweetest baby while you change her diaper but as soon as you try to pick her up, she cries, everytime =(.

  • Unfamiliar noises. Daddy can run the blender for his daily morning smoothies and she will sleep right through it, but she jumps when she hears the clink of a fork dropping into the sink.

A few other updates:

  • Our poor baby suffered through acid reflux for several nights. We could not calm her down enough for her to eat and kept spitting up everything she ate. Finally we took her in to see her pediatrician to see what was wrong. She is officially a colicky baby and will now be taking a daily dose of Prevacid for the acid reflux. The doctor has changed her formula to Nutramigen, which is easier to digest. I noticed a difference by the second bottle feeding!!! I was so happy that she did not have to suffer from trying to digest the formula. LOVE Nutramigen!!

  • We took our first outing together, alone. Just Sophia and Mommy. It took me 45 minutes to get out the door. I kept forgetting items and at the end ended up leaving her pacifer behind at the house. And forgot a piece of her stroller at the doctor's office!!!

  • Our cardiologist appointment is scheduled for Wednesday the 26th. We are hoping to get good news.

  • She weighed in at 10 pounds last week.

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