Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving and Festival of Lights!

We headed out to Galveston to check out the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens.

This is Sophia's first encounter with snow while walking! She was a little aprehensive and could not quite make out why all the other kids were running around throwing snow balls. Nevertheless, after a while she took off her glove and started to swish the snow on the ground.

She really enjoyed all the cool lights!

And even took the time to wave at all of us!
Since we arrived early we started off at Mario's Italian Restaurant. We love this place. We had been seeing it for a while everytime we went down there and during the last vacation we decided to stop. The food is great, the portions are HUGE and the service if fantastic!
Somebody was really excited to be there! Or thankful to stretch her legs after the long car ride.
We shared this generous portion! Delish!!!
Look at all that saucy goodness.
We started off the meal with garlic cheese bread and sauce.
Thanksgiving 2010
We hosted Thanksgiving again this year. Here is a our table, ready for our guests.
What was Sophia doing while we were preparing the food? Taking a walk!

And walking.....
Our desserts included cake, cupcakes and brownies. A closeup of our deep fried Turkey and delicious cake.

I tried out this new recipe for brownies. Delish but super rich. Bottom layer of brownie, with nuts and reese's cups and topped off with rice krispies covered in melted chocolate.

After the guest were gone, Sophia was still not ready for bed. She wanted to keep playing!

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