Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sophia's Birthday Fiesta!

Party time!!!

Sophia's second birthday went great! It was a hot day! Thank you, thank you, to all the family and friends that came and shared this special day with us! Sophia was very happy in seeing everyone and getting to play all day long! We set up the backyard for the kids!

The party favors were waiting to be taken home!  Since Sophia is still very young, I decided to give special thanks to the kids in our family and friends by creating these personalized lapdesks with each child's name on it. Just a way to say thanks in a personalized way.

Sophia's favorite word is agua! Loves everything about water. Her eyes lit up and she practically spent most of the day in this pool!
 Daddy took her up for a ride! We wondered if she was going to get scared...?
 And down they went!!!
 Uncle Baldo had to test out the slide....to make sure it was safe for all the kids.
 Ready for the water??
 Sophia wanted her turn with Uncle B.  Her poor little head!!!
 Here we go!!!
 Yay! That was fun!! Mas?!
 Mommy and the birthday girl!!!
Daddy and the birthday girl! .....sube?
 Can somebody bring us a snack?

Cooling down in the pool with the uncles.
The craft table was ready for some serious painting!
 The artists at work! Beautiful bird house!
 Adults were not excluded!
 What color??...mmmm....
Ice Cream Bar Time!!!
Uncle manned the bar and helped put topping on the kiddie ice cream cups! Wait, is he eating on the job?

Cake time!!! With Dora of course!!
Mommy and Sophia waiting for the birthday candle! Where is it?
 Wow! There it is!
 Make a wish!

Pinata time! She is ready....I confess, we had been practicing! =)

 All the kids took their turn!
 Almost there.....
 Even Daddy tried to help out!
 We have candy!!!!!!
It was a great party! Thanks to everyone that came out! Sophia had alot of fun!

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