Saturday, June 22, 2013

Playroom - Let's make it bright and colorful!!!

I have started updating the playroom.  I have many plans for this room and I am trying to tackle at least one of them per week.

This week's project was to fill in a wall space that had no future plans. I went to the local dollar store for some picture frames and picked up two 5X7 frames at a yard sell for .25 cents a piece!! Bargain!!!

I took out the glass and the backing, laid out an old sheet I use to protect surfaces and got my spray cans ready!!

Here are a few of the frames "befores":

I spray painted one color at a time and let them dry. With the hot Texas heat they dried in no time.

I layed them all out and started planning the types of pictures I wanted in them.

With all the pictures in place, they were ready to go up! 

I inherited this ALMOST perfect shade of turquoise color when I bought the home. It is ALMOST the perfect shade.  I decided to keep it, since it is bright and cheerful.

This wall will be eventually completely covered with frames and an ikea 6 slot white expedit in the future. So I loosely placed the frames to allow for the future frames. I did try to match the left with the right so that it was visually balanced.
 This project took me about a whole week with the shopping here and there, the printing, selecting pictures and putting them up. Super quick and it gives that small wall enough pop to make you look twice and breaks up the blue just enough.

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