Thursday, June 20, 2013

Door Frame - Pinterest Idea

I found this great antique door frame on pinterest and LOVED it!!! I love the way it brings in the old with fresh clean interior design.

I knew my brother's co-worker's hobby is woodworking and lucky me his schedule opened up!!! I showed him the picture and he said he could have that done in a few hours!!! It was the craziest thing to leave and come back with the frame in place! Like MAJIC!!!  I went in search of the corbels and paint while he started the building part. I don't have a clean hallway door frame, so I wanted it on the patio door in the breakfast area, which is the "center" of our downstairs.

Even without the stain, it looked great!!
I love that cool edge at the top. And the molding underneath it!!! All those cool cuts make me happy!!!

I was afraid the corbels were rather small for the space. But with the glaze they ended up working just fine.

I figured I would paint it white with a silvery grey glaze to get an antique look that matches my interior colors.

Thankfully I ended up at Heritage Paint in Sugar Land off of Hwy 6 and Dulles Ave. I love that store!! The guy even gave me a mini tutorial and was SUPER friendly!!! He had a few samples of glazing work and I loved one that was silvery grey!!

The base coat is Benjamin Moore, Cumulus Cloud 1550.
I call it a beigy grey!!! LOL!!!

The glaze he sold me was a silver, and lots and lots of sponge brushes!!

Oops, just noticed I forgot to take a picture of the shimmer.  Off to google I go, ok, here it is nice and silver!!!
I painted the base color and let that sit for 2 days. Then I mixed a bit of the tintable glaze with the shimmer. Wow! The shimmer is very strong, for the entire frame I used around 25% of this little bottle!
Here you can see the base color and the part where I started the glazing process!  The corbel on this picture has not been glazed.
 This is the same picture from above just from a different angle! What a big difference the glaze makes!!!
Here the glaze is still "wet".
 This picture shows you the truest color that I ended up with.
 I purposely re-applied glaze into the nooks to give it that worn and old look!
 Love it!!!
The glazing took no more than 2 hours, with rest time and re-applying, darkening some spots, lightening others. The guy at the paint store mentioned that the tintable glaze would stay wet for 24 hours, so I could go back and lighten and darken as I pleased. So it was really easy!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the character that this frame gives my place!
Since my walls are a light grey in blends in nicely without demanding too much attention on its own. Very good complimentary colors!!


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