Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Craft - Felt Peppermint Candy!

Felt! Who knew?!??!?!?! Probably everybody but me!!! =)

When I saw the prices for felt, I searched the internet for Christmas craft projects. I loved the felt candy and princess accessories. I started out making a few felt cookies, that look great to me! As long as I don't compare them to the ones being sold on etsy!!! lol!

But I wanted something for Christmas, I searched and found this great tutorial for felt Christmas ornaments at this blog I loved how her ornaments came out! Of course I am not that fancy! I took a few shortcuts thanks to my lovely glue gun!

I started out with the felt, two yards of each. Which is waaaaaayyyy more than what you need for this project!
 I made a fancy, going-to-last-forever template from one of our dinner plates and cut it out of a circular.
 And cut and cut and cut.
 Same process for the "star".
 Trace and cut and cut!
I sewed them and added a little shine! Rhinestones on two and glitter glue from the dollar store on the other.
Love the glittery look! I hot glued each one of the rhinestones, which was not the most entertaining thing to do! It took a while, but I LOVE the way these ornaments glitter with the lights!
 I loved them so much I used the remaining felt to make two huge candy canes.

  Close up.
 I added one to the front wreath!
 It shines wonderfully when the lights are on!
Speaking of the front door, this is my first time using the mesh. I LOVE it! Its seriously the easiest thing to work with! Unfortunately, I did not buy enough and they are sold out!!!! So I will just wait as patiently as possible for the next shipment!!!!!

And of course, time was up! Time to watch Dora for the millionth time!!!!!!! I know I will miss these days, so let me go enjoy the time with my little princess!!

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  1. Your wreath is really pretty! Thanks for sharing this great project at The Pin Junkie. It was featured in this week’s Christmas craft roundup. I hope you’ll stop by to grab a featured button and share your best Christmas recipes at tonight’s party for another chance to be featured! Wishing you very happy holidays!