Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission: Homemade Xmas Scarves!!!

Christmas is a month and a half away. Its time to start working on xmas gifts. This year, I want to stay away from stores and give something homemade. Something that even if it does not come out great, can still be used. I ended up decided on ruffle scarves for the women in my family. 

I followed this tutorial  I loved how easy she made it look and I LOVE the color red!!!

I went to JoAnn's Fabrics and bought fleece in a bright color for my daughter and simple black for the gifts.

I started out making a wide 7 inch scarf for my daughter. The process WAS really super simple!!! After the test run, I decided on 3 inches by 120 inches. 

I would make the folds as I went.

Lots of ruffles!!!

I found it easier and quicker to make two folds at a time and run those through the machine.

This one below is the 7 inches by 60 inches.  I plan to use this one to tuck into my daughters winter vests. Its wide enough to provide maximum warmth.

I left a few inches at the bottom "unruffled" so that I can add her initial or rossettes.

Lots of ruffles.

And did the simple twist to give it life and texture.

This is the one that is only 3 inches wide. This fits my four year old perfectly!

She wasn't home when I was sewing, so I hung it up on the hallway door to get a sense of what it would look like.

I found this tutorial to make a fleece head warmer. Great tutorial!!! So easy to make and its matches!!!

The back part of the head warmer.

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