Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY Name Art

To follow the whole "make your own, make it personalized" gift giving idea this year. I knew I needed to find something that was simple yet cute. I ended up with scarves for all the women in my family which were really cute and simple. But men and couple gifts were a little harder. The week before Christmas I found this website with a link to the letters and numbers to make my own name art!!!

Perfect!!! I love this idea!!! So simple and easy to make!!  I started off just thinking of my siblings but since it was so easy the list grew and grew and grew. I had family friends, co-workers, neighbors, all the teachers at my daughter's daycare and my friends.

Here is the link to the letters:

I chose to go to Walmart and Hobby Lobby for simple black front loading frames for the ones for my family. I chose the dollar store acrylic frames for everyone at work and at Sophia's daycare.

Here is the what the file looked liked and I just printed them out on 11X17 paper and 8.5X11 paper at home and at Kinko's.  I created them in MS Word and then saved that file as a JPEG so that I can re-size it to the frame.

These simple dollar store frames were perfect for co-workers and the daycare teachers. So cheap they can re-frame them to their taste or keep it in here since its so simple.

I used our paper cutter we bought at Office Depot and cut them to size.

So many teachers....

and more...such a small gesture for all the great work they do for my daughter and all the other kids!!

I bought some Avery Shipping Labels that I previously used to organize my craft supplies and created these cute little labels. 

Since I was DIY'ing these labels, I went ahead and personalized them with each person's name for that extra touch.

I chose to wrap these in simple glitter tissue paper. Simple and fast. 

These are framed for family members and friends. 

They were a big hit at school and at work. I definitely recommend you try it!!


  1. I am pinning this idea for future gifts. Thanks so much for sharing. This is really neat.

  2. I think spray gluing them onto foam board would be awesome too! And attaching those little 3M velcro squares to the back for easy hanging... I'm totally doing this!

  3. I really like your idea! Personalized gifts are so thoughtful!
    I found you through A Vision to Remember blog linky party! Your blog is so cute (I love polka dots!)
    I craft blog at

  4. I love your idea and its so personal. I have always loved handmade gifts - they mean so much more to me. thanks for sharing. Visiting from Blog Strut Owl Link Up. Have a healthy wonderful and happy New Year.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your gift idea at last weeks Saturday Spotlight on Angels Homestead. I really appreciate each person who takes the time to come by and link up. I'm making a special announcement at tomorrows party, it's all about new beginnings for the new year. :)

    Hope to see you again soon!


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