Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dixie Dude Ranch Vacation

We snuck out of Houston the week after spring break and headed out to Bandera, TX. We always go to Galveston for mini vacays, so we thought it would be a great idea to try something new.

After much research, we decided on the Dixie Dude Ranch in Bandera. Its less than 6 hours away and sounded like fun. Their all inclusive package, gave us three meals a day, morning coffee, nightly entertainment, private quarters and two 45 - 60 minute horse rides. We just showed up and everything was taken care of! Loved it!! So little planning!!!

Sophia made fast friends with the sweetest kitty in the world!
 Her new buddy!
The scenery was awesome!!! Rolling green hills, the quite sound of the wind and the stars at night looked so close as though you could just reach out and touch them!!
 The cabins were so charming and rustic looking!!!
Evenings ended with smores at the fire pit. This night we had Makin Dust, come out and sing cowboy songs. Another night we had a longhorn come out that the kids could ride on.

We made the rounds each morning and visited our favorite horse..Ruthie!! If riding double, this is the most cautious horse!
 And then off we went! We rode to the highest point of those hills, the view was great!
 Quick family pic!
 I will miss this porch most of all! Just hanging out, reading books and watching Sophia play...the hours stretched out.

 We tried a few afternoon walks that always ended up like this! Poor dada!
 We made into town and found a coffehouse...the Dogleg the original name.
 Love the rustic texture of this building.
I saw this sign and quickly walked away hoping to come back to a new puppy and hopefully just in time to snatch the expresso and take it for myself....But they must have ran out of both..bummer! =)
 Another great family pic!  
 Beautiful and peaceful!

 Sophia enjoyed the rides so much, she kept asking for more.

We didn't make it inside this store, but it looks great from the outside. So old-fashion-y!
I wonder what they sell here...
A final shot of Main Street.

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