Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Fun!

I love Holidays!!! Growing up my family did a great job at keeping Holidays all about the kids. This year was my turn to keep the ball rolling. The day before Easter Sunday, yes I know, very prepared here! We took off to buy baskets, candys and goodies! It surprising how much you don't know about boys and what they like. All I know is pink!!!!

We spread out the goodies and starting putting baskets together. I kept it really simple, a nice chocolate bunny, a yo-yo, gooey slimy looking putty, and few more candies for the boys.  For the younger girls, a book, a doll and jelly beans. For the pre-teen a book, candies and scented body sprays.  

Everything is ready to be assembled.
 Semi-finished state. They just need the finishing touch.
 I already had a clear bag and planned to tie it with a loose bow, but it was missing something...!
Personalization!!! I cut strips of ribbon and free-handed their names with puffy fabric paint.
 The trick with this little bottle, is to keep a consistent flow of paint.
 The finished products, just waiting to dry.
 A close up of the 3D paint effect.
 Simply and loosely tied to the baskets!
 They are ready to go! Baskets...check! Dessert....omGosh I forgot!!!
 It was sitting in the fridge with the first crumb coat on. I pulled out all the peeps and MM's for their big debut!!! I loved how this cake looked on pinterest. It had the perfect look for Easter!!

Here I am adding vanilla icing...aka the glue. A nice thick layer all around. I worked in pieces just to make sure I was getting it right.

 All the bunnies are now "glued" on and the top layer of vanilla is ready!
 I scooped spoonfulls of the MandM's and gently pressed them into the frosting. It took the entire bag!
 Ta-da! Too cute. Oops did that blue one fall off, don't worry I got it!! Yum!!!!
 And of course, Easter could not be complete without Angry Bird hand painted eggs!!! Wow! Some people are so creative!!! They looked great!

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