Friday, September 28, 2012

Craft Show Bug!!

I am not sure how this happened. Just a click here and there and all my weekends until the end of October were booked with craft shows!

After the first sale, reality set it! Time to make more bows!!!! I dont think I have gone to sleep earlier than 1am these last two weeks!!!

Yet it's all worth it when a little girl tries on a hair bow and says "I'm a princess!"

Last weekend was the Just Shop for Just Cause event at the MET. It was a great event!

Great speakers, so many talented vendors, great cause and the coordination of the event was beyond words!!!

We had our station right outside the speaker's conference room. Great location!

I knew I didn't want alot of tables for the event, one I dont have but one, two I would have to carry them myself, and they are not eye level to little girls.

There is such a mixture of holders here. A frame from the last homeowner's that I repainted and added the chicken wire.  When I stood back I was so happy with it, but thought, I need this BIGGER!!! And then after small research I came up with making a frame, held together by staples!!! Shhh!!! And added chicken wire! Ta-sa a self standing bow holder!! It was a life saver!! Exactly what I needed and SOOO light!!!

The small holder at the bottom started out as a CD holder then found its true calling and became a bow holder!! =)
 You meet the MOST beautiful people at shows!!! Even if they eat all the snacks very early on!

She had a great time swinging around!!!

 And of course my sister and all her wonderful help that made this day run so smoothly!!!

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